Greeny's and Blacky's Knight Outpost

i'm playing games now for 30 years, my first computer whas a vic 20, and soon as the c64 whas out i had dat to damn those where the days . mm dialupmodems and spot bullitin bords

but computers evolved so dit i , next i had whas the amiga 500 - 600- 1200 until they bankrupted, o the tragedy , i had to switch to the pc , hated it from the start .

then i got intoduced to starphere a onlinegame with hourly ticks , (still exist) then i got introduced to EVEby my sister Cordy

i'm playing eve now for 7 years and stil loving it

today is a day to remember we we are batteling IT alliance and pandemic legion and we kick ass we whent from the north to the west still alliad with the nc we battle side by side
home well we are in pure-blind   and cloudring
everything what we build in 2 years is gone ,but rebuilding as we speak   also solarstorm is stronger then ever
back in tru 0.0 its a relief no more wories about neutrals   no more nrds but  nbsi
(not red don't shoot) to (not blue shoot it). met with old friends again and basicly haveing fun
new i made a killborsd all for my own so if you whant to look what i all killed with the friend here greeny knights